Exodus 1-2

Dear all,We finally finished the book of Genesis and today we will start reading the 2nd book of Bible Exodus chapter 1-2.
Exodus opens where Genesis leaves off: with Jacob’s descendants multiplying in Egypt. A new ruler emerges who respects neither Joseph’s memory nor Israelites’ right. Though Pharaoh attempts to kill all newborn Hebrew males, the infant Moses is providentially spared and raised in the very palace of the one who sought his death. At the age of 40 Moses seeks to bring about the right (deliverance) in the wrong way (murder) and spends the next four decades of his life in exile, tending sheep in the Midian wilderness.
Chapter 1: People prepared for Deliverance1-7:   Israel’s Multiplication8-22   Pharaoh’s MistreatmentChapter 2: Deliverer Prepared for People1-10:   Faith of Parents11-22:  Failure of Moses23-25:  Faithfulness of God

Where in your life have you nearly given up hope that God could ever salvage the situation: your schooling? your family? your friends? your church? Walk a mile in Moses’ sandal. Study his failures and learn about God’s patience with him.

excerpt from  “The Daily Walk Bible”

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