Mark 10-13

Today we read Mark 10-13.
In chapter 11, our Lord entered his final week in the world, which was meticulously documented in the book of Mark.
On Monday, he put a curse on a fig tree, symbolizing that God’s kingdom would be taken away from the Israelites who refuse to believe and given to the gentile people who bear fruits. Additionally, he purged the Temple.
On Tuesday, the fig tree had withered, proving that anything God commands will come to pass. He also engaged in a debate with the leaders regarding his authority. Through the parable of the wicked tenants, he exposed the transgressions of the Israelites, including the killing of prophets and the murder of the son of God. He made it clear that God would forsake them as well.

The Lord engaged in discussions with the Israelites leaders on various topics such as paying taxes, resurrection, and the greatest commandment, which demonstrated his wisdom and authority. He also commended the offering of a poor widow. Furthermore, he prophesied about the end of the ages and the future of the Israelites, including the destruction of the Temple and worldwide signs concerning political, religious, military movements, natural environment, economy, moral, and personal relationships. The Lord warned his followers to be vigilant, prayerful, and to serve as stewards of God’s kingdom while awaiting his return. He encouraged his disciples to shift their focus from temporary challenges to eternal glory when he returns.

The Lord praised the widow for her selflessness in giving all she had, even her entire livelihood, while others contributed only a portion of their wealth. He also highlighted how the leaders were exploiting widows by taking their possessions. Despite this, the widow did not lose her faith in God and continued to offer him everything she had. This serves as a reminder to us all: have we ever allowed the negative experiences of others to weaken our faith? We should strive to follow the example of this widow, who remained steadfast in her faith even in the face of adversity.

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