Luke 22-24

Today we read Luke 22-24.Following the Son of Man’s prophecy regarding the end of time and his second coming, he willingly entered the phase of being betrayed and crucified. Although the religious leaders desired to get rid of him, Judas Iscariot carried out the plan to sell him. Nevertheless, the crucial aspect is that Jesus… Continue reading Luke 22-24


Today we read Luke 13-15To help disciples better understand the secret of the heavenly kingdom, and unbelievers not understanding the words of the Son of man, our Lord used a lot of parables to teach the truth of heaven. For example, the fig tree bearing no fruit for three years represented the Israelites who, despite… Continue reading Untitled

Luke 10-12

Today we read Luke 10-12.Following the return of the 12 Apostles, the Lord dispatched an additional 72 disciples to continue their work. Upon their joyous return, the Son of Man advised them not to take pleasure in the immediate outcomes of their work, but instead to rejoice that their names were inscribed in heaven.Despite being… Continue reading Luke 10-12

Mark 14-16

Apologies for the interruption last week, our reading plan was put on hold for a few days. Today, we will resume reading Mark 14-16 which details the remaining days of Jesus.Here’s a brief summary:On Wednesday, Mark mentions in chapter 14 verse 1 that “after 2 days” something happened, but it is not specified.On Thursday, Mary… Continue reading Mark 14-16

Mark 10-13

Today we read Mark 10-13.In chapter 11, our Lord entered his final week in the world, which was meticulously documented in the book of Mark.On Monday, he put a curse on a fig tree, symbolizing that God’s kingdom would be taken away from the Israelites who refuse to believe and given to the gentile people… Continue reading Mark 10-13

Mark 8-9

Despite the rejection and abandonment by the leaders of the Israelites, our Lord’s mission remained unaffected, as he continued to serve his people. The following chapters outline the ways in which he provided healing services, including healing the servant of the centurion and saving the life of the son of a widow. Through these acts,… Continue reading Mark 8-9

Mark 4-7

Today we read Mark 4-7. After being abandoned by his own people, Jesus persisted in preaching, prophesying, and performing miracles to help his disciples truly understand him. Through his parables about the heavenly kingdom, he not only taught them but also foretold of what was to come. The Parable of the Sower illustrated how different… Continue reading Mark 4-7

Mark 1-3

Pray For Muslim Month: Muslim parents often encourage their children to fast and engage in Ramadan activities, and many kids comply in order to receive the approval of their parents, peers, and community. However, we pray that God will instill concern and a deeper sense of purpose in their hearts, leading them to seek acceptance… Continue reading Mark 1-3

Leviticus 11-14

Today we read Leviticus 11-14. These chapters set forth laws regarding clean and unclean food, childbirth, leprosy and other skin diseases, and discharges. Being a holy people demands a holy lifestyle. Ceremonial purity is an indispensable part of worshiping the holy God, though it imposes restrictions on one’s conduct. For the Israelites this meant dietary… Continue reading Leviticus 11-14

Leviticus 8-10

Today we read Leviticus 8-10.After the sacrifices come the divine requirements for the priests who are to offer them. Moses consecrates Aaron and his four sons to minister in the Tabernacle. Sacrifices and ceremonies take place for 7 consecutive days, after which Aaron begins his duties. The joyous inaugural week abruptly end, however, with the… Continue reading Leviticus 8-10