Leviticus 11-14

Today we read Leviticus 11-14. These chapters set forth laws regarding clean and unclean food, childbirth, leprosy and other skin diseases, and discharges. Being a holy people demands a holy lifestyle. Ceremonial purity is an indispensable part of worshiping the holy God, though it imposes restrictions on one’s conduct. For the Israelites this meant dietary… Continue reading Leviticus 11-14

Leviticus 8-10

Today we read Leviticus 8-10.After the sacrifices come the divine requirements for the priests who are to offer them. Moses consecrates Aaron and his four sons to minister in the Tabernacle. Sacrifices and ceremonies take place for 7 consecutive days, after which Aaron begins his duties. The joyous inaugural week abruptly end, however, with the… Continue reading Leviticus 8-10

Exodus 35-40

Today we read Exodus 35-40.The book of Exodus closes with a detailed account of the construction of the Tabernacle, the new place of residence for the God of Israel as he accompanies his people in Canaan. Notice the many steps involved in the project: Moses organizes the needed workers and finished work; the Tabernacle is… Continue reading Exodus 35-40

Exodus 32-34

Six weeks have passed since the people made their solemn vow of fidelity to God. Concluding that Moses died on the mountain, they insist on creating a replica of an Egyptian god and worshiping it. Coming upon this grotesque scene, Moses dashes the newly inscribed tablets to pieces, dramatically illustrating the broken covenant. He destroys… Continue reading Exodus 32-34

Exodus 21-23

Today we read Exodus 21-23.The law given by God to Israel at Sinai falls into 3 categories: moral laws(Exodus 20), civil and social laws (Exodus21-23), and religious laws(Exodus 24-Leviticus). Today’s reading contains the civil laws and ceremonial laws.Some of the laws may not directly apply to our life. Most of us don’t own Ox and… Continue reading Exodus 21-23

Exodus 11-12

In the end it’s no contest. Death touches every Egyptian family as the final plague brings destruction to every firstborn child and beast. But the Israelite homes escaped death because their households are protected by the blood of a sacrificial animal killed as a substitute for the firstborn. From then on, Passover became the Israelite… Continue reading Exodus 11-12

Exodus 6-8

Today we will read Exodus 6-8. Chapter 6: God’s reassurance to MosesChapter 7: BloodChapter 8: Frogs, Gnats and Flies Day by Day with Billy Graham – Wait Upon the LordJerome, one of the early Christians, said, “Ignorance of the Bible means ignorance of Christ.” Job once said, “I have esteemed the words of his mouth… Continue reading Exodus 6-8

Exodus 3-5

Today we will read Exodus 3-5.After reflection, Moses concluded that he was disqualified from God’s service. In a remarkable debate with living God, Moses offered 4 excuses and asked God to send someone else. Finally, when God provided Aaron as a mouthpiece, Moses confronted Pharaoh with God’s message. As predicted, Pharaoh not only denied God’s… Continue reading Exodus 3-5

Exodus 1-2

Dear all,We finally finished the book of Genesis and today we will start reading the 2nd book of Bible Exodus chapter 1-2.Exodus opens where Genesis leaves off: with Jacob’s descendants multiplying in Egypt. A new ruler emerges who respects neither Joseph’s memory nor Israelites’ right. Though Pharaoh attempts to kill all newborn Hebrew males, the… Continue reading Exodus 1-2

Genesis 48-50

Today we will read the last part of Genesis 48-50. As Jacob’s life in Egypt drew to a close, he summoned Joseph’s two sons and blessed them, exalting the younger, Ephraim, over the older, Manasseh. As his final act, Jacob prophetically outlined the future of his twelve sons. His desire for burial in Canaan testified… Continue reading Genesis 48-50