Mark 14-16

Apologies for the interruption last week, our reading plan was put on hold for a few days. Today, we will resume reading Mark 14-16 which details the remaining days of Jesus.
Here’s a brief summary:
On Wednesday, Mark mentions in chapter 14 verse 1 that “after 2 days” something happened, but it is not specified.
On Thursday, Mary anointed Jesus with precious oil while Judas planned to betray him to the Jewish leaders. Jesus then held the last supper and communion service, prophesying his betrayal and death. After supper, they went to pray in the garden of Gethsemane where Judas led Roman soldiers and Jews to arrest Jesus and bring him before the council for judgment. As foretold, Peter denied Jesus three times.
On Friday, Jesus was judged before Pilate, condemned, mocked, and ultimately crucified with two criminals. He was then buried in a rich man’s tomb.
On Saturday, he remained in the tomb while soldiers guarded it.
On Sunday, Jesus obediently fulfilled the redemption work on the cross and rose from the dead, declaring himself the Lord of life. He revealed himself to three women and his disciples, bolstering their faith and entrusting them with the great commission to spread the Gospel.

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