Genesis 27-28

Today we will read chapter 27-28.From chapter 27, our focus will be on the 3rd figure of Genesis, Jacob. Jacob was a fraud and scammer, seeking his own benefits. Seizing on Esau’s moment of weakness, offered to feed him in return for Esau’s birthright blessing. Esau, being driven by his hunger and emotion, foolishly agreed and sold his birthright to Jacob in return for the stew.

Jacob schemed with his mother Rebekah, disguised as Esau and deceived his father for the blessing. Esau was extremely angry and vowed to kill Jacob. Jacob had to leave home to go to the house of his mother’s brother Laban. He met with God in the journey and God reaffirmed the covenant and the blessing to him.

Scripture says Esau ” despised his birthright” . This doesn’t mean that Esau hated his birthright, it means that Esau did not place a high enough value on the birthright and allowed his momentary hanger to cloud his judgment and let his belly control his mind.

God chose Jacob according to His sovereignty and His omniscient power. Esau loved the world, married two Canaanite women, and despised the value of spiritual matters. While Jacob sought after the spiritual blessing and became one of the forefathers of the Israel nation.

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