Genesis 25-26

Today we will read chapter 25 and 26 of Genesis.In the recordings of 4 forefathers (Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Joseph), the one for Issac is the shortest, only a few chapters. His family structure is very simple. He has 2 sons and the 2 sons became the ancestors of 2 great nations. Jacob was the ancestor of Israel and Esau was ancestor of Edom. 
Issac had only 1 wife and was very faithful to her. He was the longest living one of the 4 forefathers.He also had his own weakness. Issac moved to Gerar when there’s a famine in the land. He made the same mistake as his father Abraham and called his wife his sister, because he was afraid that the people might kill him as Rebekah was very pretty.But God’s eyes never turned away from Issac and protected him through Abimelech. He sowed in the land and reaped a hundredfold and became very rich. And Abimelech had to ask him to leave as he was too strong for them to handle. God reaffirmed the covenant and promised that his descendants would be like the stars of heaven.

Chapter 25: Issac’s family
1-26: birth of the twins 27-34: the trade of birthright.
Chapter 26: failure and victory of Isaac1-11: lie about Rebekah being his sister12-33 Quarrel over the wells and covenant with Abimelech.

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