Mark 4-7

Today we read Mark 4-7.

After being abandoned by his own people, Jesus persisted in preaching, prophesying, and performing miracles to help his disciples truly understand him. Through his parables about the heavenly kingdom, he not only taught them but also foretold of what was to come. The Parable of the Sower illustrated how different people react to the teachings of the heavenly kingdom. The Parable of the Lamp and Measure indicated that those who rejected Jesus would be judged. The Parable of the Growing Seed and the Harvest revealed that there is a growth process in the heavenly kingdom, where God’s servants may be buried in the ground but will rapidly grow and expand. Finally, the Parable of the Mustard Seed prophesied that God’s kingdom will undoubtedly continue to grow and expand.

Jesus strengthened his disciples’ faith through his actions. By calming the storm, he demonstrated his power over nature. Driving demons into a herd of pigs showed his authority over the spiritual realm. Saving the daughter of a ruler from certain death proved that he was the Lord of life. Healing the woman with a 12-year-long blood issue demonstrated that he was an eternal healer. Despite the evidence of his teachings, life, and miracles that pointed to his divinity, the people of his hometown rejected him. The killing of John the Baptist further underscored the people’s rejection of God’s kingdom. Nonetheless, Jesus persisted in sending his disciples to spread the Gospel.

Chapter 4 focuses on the expansion of God’s kingdom through the account of Jesus calming the storm.

Chapter 5 highlights the power and authority of God’s servant as demonstrated through driving out demons, healing sickness, and saving lives.

Chapter 6 tells the story of Jesus being forsaken by his own people and sending out his disciples to spread the Gospel.

Chapter 7 reveals how Jesus was rejected by the leaders of the Israelites and how the Gospel was spread to the gentiles.

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