Mark 8-9

Despite the rejection and abandonment by the leaders of the Israelites, our Lord’s mission remained unaffected, as he continued to serve his people. The following chapters outline the ways in which he provided healing services, including healing the servant of the centurion and saving the life of the son of a widow. Through these acts, he demonstrated his mercy, power, and identity as the Saviour. He acknowledged John the Baptist as the greatest prophet, but emphasized that even the least in the heavenly Kingdom is greater than him.

Using parables, the son of man explained the truth and illustrated that various responses to the message of God’s kingdom result in distinct outcomes. Additionally, he exhibited his power and authority to heal by curing a woman with a blood issue. Furthermore, he commissioned twelve disciples to proclaim the message of the kingdom and granted them the necessary abilities to do so.

Upon their return, the son of man reiterated his identity by performing the miracle of multiplying five loaves of bread and two fish. When Peter acknowledged him as the awaited Messiah, he prophesied his own death and resurrection and invited people to follow him. He also revealed a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom to Peter, James, and John. In addition, he cast out demons and instructed his disciples on the importance of humility and who would be considered the greatest in God’s kingdom.

Chapter 8: Preaching, driving out demons, resurrection. The Lord of spirit and life
Chapter 9: Sending and training his disciples. The Lord of multiplying

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