Exodus 3-5

Today we will read Exodus 3-5.After reflection, Moses concluded that he was disqualified from God’s service. In a remarkable debate with living God, Moses offered 4 excuses and asked God to send someone else. Finally, when God provided Aaron as a mouthpiece, Moses confronted Pharaoh with God’s message. As predicted, Pharaoh not only denied God’s demand, but increased the workloads of Hebrews. Moses’ popularity with his people plummeted. But God assured Moses that he would keep his promise of deliverance.

Chapter 3: Moses was called

Chapter 4: Moses was obedient

Chapter 5: Moses faced challenges

Reflection:What God wants from us, is whether we are available, not whether we are able. God patiently gave Moses the lesson: I can use this bush, that staff in your hand, or even your stammering lips, whatever is available, to accomplish my plan and fulfill my promises. For all that you lack and everything you are not, I AM.

Ref: The Daily Walk Bible

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