Genesis 48-50

Today we will read the last part of Genesis 48-50. As Jacob’s life in Egypt drew to a close, he summoned Joseph’s two sons and blessed them, exalting the younger, Ephraim, over the older, Manasseh. As his final act, Jacob prophetically outlined the future of his twelve sons. His desire for burial in Canaan testified that the destiny of the nation still lies in the Promised Land. Joseph also died after a faithful and prosperous life and added his testimony that God will one day liberate his people.

Chapter 48:   Last Words: blessing the sons of Joseph

Chapter 49:   Last Words: blessing the sons of Jacob

Chapter 50:   Last resting place: death and burial of Jacob and Joseph

Joseph exhibited the quality of full forgiveness with his brothers. After Jacob’s death, the brothers feared revenge even though Joseph had already forgiven them. Their pleas for mercy moved him to tears as he reassured his brothers that he had totally forgiven them.
If you have experienced God’s forgiveness in Christ, you have the greatest motivation possible forgiving others.

Ref: The Daily Walk Bible (Bruce H. Wilkinson, Paula A. Kirk, John W. Hoover)

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