Exodus 21-23

Today we read Exodus 21-23.The law given by God to Israel at Sinai falls into 3 categories: moral laws(Exodus 20), civil and social laws (Exodus21-23), and religious laws(Exodus 24-Leviticus). Today’s reading contains the civil laws and ceremonial laws.
Some of the laws may not directly apply to our life. Most of us don’t own Ox and other cattles. But the principle applies. Showing respect to our parents is clearly required by God, as the law says whoever strikes their parents or curses their parents shall be put to death. And the law also says that do not slant your testimony in favor of a person just because that person is poor, and do not twist justice against people simply because they are poor. Justice is demanded by God. Law applies to everyone, regardless of their wealth, or race and ethnicity in today’s society.
Do not worship idols. It has been repeated multiple times. We worship what we serve. Whatever or whoever commands our attention becomes our god. A question we should often ask ourselves, what do we do in our idle moment, and what do we think about when our mind is in neutral. Recognizing that  can help us guard against idolatry.

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