Exodus 11-12

In the end it’s no contest. Death touches every Egyptian family as the final plague brings destruction to every firstborn child and beast. But the Israelite homes escaped death because their households are protected by the blood of a sacrificial animal killed as a substitute for the firstborn. From then on, Passover became the Israelite holiday they continue to observe and celebrate and an annual memorial of the salvation of God’s people from their Egyptian homes of slavery.

chapter 11: 10th plague announced

chapter 12:

a. Passover Observed                

b. First born destroyed                

c: Exodus began.
During the Passover, Israelite eat lamb and bread without yeast. When we observe our communion service, we only eat bread and grape juice. Where is the lamb? When Israelite celebrate the Passover and eat the lamb, why can only the circumcised one participate? Why can’t they break any bones of the lamb?

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