Genesis 39-41

Today we will read chapter 39-41. We will continue the story of Joseph. At this point, he was sold to the house of Potiphar, captain of Pharaoh’s bodyguard as a slave. Yet he was greatly honored and favored by his master. By the providence of God, everything he did prospered and Potiphar made him oversee… Continue reading Genesis 39-41

Genesis 37-38

Today we will read Chapter 37-38. Today we will read the 4th figure in Genesis. Like we mentioned in the class a few weeks ago, Genesis can be summarized as 4 events and 4 persons. The 4 events are God’s creation, Fall of Man, God’s Judgment and Arrogance of Man, from chapter 1-11. The 4 persons… Continue reading Genesis 37-38

Genesis 34-36

Scripture says, “vengeance is mine and I will repay.” God knows all the mistreatment we received and He is the righteous God. When we take revenge in our own hands, often it doesn’t please God. Forgiveness is a lesson we need to learn as a Christian. Do we have hatred in our heart? Can we… Continue reading Genesis 34-36

Genesis 32-33

Escaped from enraged uncle Laban, Jacob was facing a greater danger, his brother Esau that vowed to kill him on their father’s mourning day. God sent angel to strengthen his heart. But Jacob was still afraid. He had to use his own way to appease Esau. He divided his flocks and servants into camps. He… Continue reading Genesis 32-33

Genesis 29-31

Today we will read Chapter 29-31.Scripture says treating others the way you want to be treated. The deceitful Jacob left home for his uncle Laban’s place. He met his opponent there. During the 20 years of staying in Haran and serving Laban, he suffered a lot. Laban changed his wages 10 times. But God watches… Continue reading Genesis 29-31

Genesis 9-10

Today we will read Genesis Chapter 9-10. From chapter 1 -11, there were 4 major events.1. God’s creation (1-2).2. Fall of man (3-5).3 God’s Judgment: the great flood (5-9).4. Arrogance of man: Babel (10-11). Today we will read the 4th major event: Arrogance of man and the tower of Babel. Building the tower of Babel… Continue reading Genesis 9-10

Genesis 12-14

Today we will read chapters 12-14. To deal with the man’s rebellion, God’s redemption plan was carried out. Starting from selection of 1 person, to 1 family, then 1 tribe and finally 1 nation, and prepare the Messiah in this nation. Abram was the starting phase of the plan. When he was called by God, he lived in… Continue reading Genesis 12-14

Genesis 15-17

Walking with God is not walking before God. God repeatedly promised Abram that his descendants would be countless, like the star in the sky and the dust of the earth. Many years passed and it still hadn’t happened. Abram became impatient and he did a foolish thing. He listened to his wife and had sexual relationship… Continue reading Genesis 15-17

Genesis 18-20

Today we will read chapters 18-20.After Abraham changed his name, performed the circumcision, as the symbol of drawing a line with the world, the idol and evilness, 3 angels came and brought him good news and bad news.The good news was that the much anticipated promise would be fulfilled and realized. They would soon experience… Continue reading Genesis 18-20

Genesis 21-24

Today we will read chapters 21-24 of Genesis.Chapter 21-24 describes the birth and childhood of Issac. Issac was Abraham’s long anticipated son. His birth was a miracle, it’s the fulfillment of God’s promise to his father – his descendants will be like the stars in the sky and dust on the earth. But before the marriage… Continue reading Genesis 21-24